STIB presents the MOBIB Basic-card for its occasional customers.

    What is the difference?

    One big difference: the MOBIB Basic-card is anonymous so neither your name nor photo will appear on the card. You can only load journey or day fares (1 or 10 journeys, Discover Brussels 24h, 48h, 72h…) on it but no season tickets.

    So the card can be used to travel together as a group but you need to have the right contract on it. With a ten journey contract you can validate a journey for each person you are traveling with.

    Why choose it?

    You save money all year round

    If you only travel on the STIB network, then this card has been created especially for you! The MOBIB journey fares are 10% cheaper than the normal tickets.

    • Jump 1 journey = 2.50 € ≠ MOBIB 1 journey = 2.00 €
    • Jump 10 journeys = 14 € ≠ MOBIB 10 journeys = 12.50 €

    You will easily recover the cost of € 5 for the MOBIB Basic-card.

    What are the advantages?

    No fuss

    Because the card is anonymous you do not need to go through any formalities to purchase it. You can immediately get a new MOBIB Basic-card in one of our 6 BOOTIK or 19 KIOSK.

    You can store up to 8 contracts on the MOBIB Basic-card. For example: a ten journey card, a day pass, an Airport Line contract,… You can recharge your MOBIB Basic card:

    • in our 6 BOOTIK sales agencies and our 19 KIOSK underground ticket offices
    • at one of our 375 GO-ticket machines in all our underground stations and at the most important surface tram and bus stops
    • in most supermarkets and newspaper shops

    The contracts which can be loaded onto the MOBIB and MOBIB Basic-card are for the moment only valid on the STIB-network. The other transport companies are working to integrate the new technology on their network.