STIB season ticket

You only travel with STIB? Why don't you take a STIB ticket. It will save you 10 %.

This ticket offers you unlimited access to the complete STIB network (except between Bourget-Brussels Airport of lines 12 and 21) for one month or one year.

The MOBIB-card is replacing the classic customer card and will be the only customer card for all our season tickets (STIB, MTB, etc), including monthly tickets. You can obtain your card in our BOOTIK online or in one of our 6 BOOTIK.


  • For a month: 49,00 €
  • For a year: 499,00 €

Where to buy your monthly ticket?

  • In a BOOTIK
  • Via MyBOOTIK
  • In a KIOSK
  • At a GO vending machine
  • At certified retailers

Where to buy your annual ticket?

  • At a GO vending machine
  • In our KIOSK 
  • In our BOOTIK
  • Via MyBOOTIK
  • By post and transfer

Synthesis transport rules

At all times and without compensation, users must comply with any change (fare or otherwise) to their current transport ticket as well as any change to the STIB offer or more generally to the conditions for accessing and using the public transport service, and this following a decision made by the competent authority or body in respect of the regulations in force. Users must validate their transport ticket prior to every journey. At above-ground stops, the transport ticket must be validated every time the user boards or connects to a bus or tram. In underground metro and pre-metro stations, users must validate their transport tickets in the inspection areas. Users must present their transport tickets on request to a member of STIB's inspection staff acting in the course of their duties. Users in possession of a personalised MOBIB card must prove their identity on request to any member of STIB's inspection staff acting in the course of their duties.