Painting on polyester concrete panels

Transcendance platform (1985)

This piece was created for this station through a successful collaboration between two very different artistic personalities. Here we find ourselves in front of a dynamic evolution derived from a 35 mm film. On one wall are fifteen "photogrammes" which analyse a young woman's jump. On the other side, seven triptychs represent another cinematic interpretation. Underneath the two series of paintings runs a metallic frieze which suggests the optical soundtrack of a feature film. The work of art is not only impressive due to the sheer size of the fifteen 9 m² panels, but also due to its rich metaphorical theme, where techniques and qualities of film and painting are coordinated and linked to a social and humanitarian message in a thoughtful way. The aim was for the work to have a link to the nearby Brugmann hospital.

Raoul Servais (Ostend, 1928).

Raoul Servais studied applied arts at the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten (Royal Academy for Fine Arts) in Ghent. He specialised in monumental painting, and from the 1950s onwards, he gained an international reputation as a director of animated films. He set up the "Animatiefilm" (Animated films) department at the Academie van Gent (Ghent Academy). Raoul Servais's films not only contain surprising and innovative images, but they are also full of meaning, they are modern, critical and committed. The struggle of the individual against brute force and the misunderstanding of dreams and the imagination are central to his work.

Pierre Vlerick (Ghent, 1923 - 1999).

Pierre Vlerick, lecturer in the same Academy, was head of the school from 1968 to 1988. As a painter who makes great use of light, colour and subject serve as a basis for light effects in his works. Since the 1970s, woman and her dream world have been central to Pierre Vlerick's work. He treats this theme in a veiled fashion, against a background of luxurious vegetation.

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