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You want to order a public transport ticket from home? You want to save time? You want less administrative hassle? MyBOOTIK is what you need.

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What's new in MyBOOTIK

  • You will be able to order for several persons ordering from the same account and in one transaction. The only thing you need to do is add the different MOBIB cards to your account and select the tickets you want. This will help families save time.
  • Use your Belgian eID (electronic identity card) to complete all the compulsory fields automatically. You no longer need to do it manually and the data is always correct.
  • You think you qualifie for a preferential rate (BIM, RIS, school ticket)? Thanks to your eID the system updates your status or the composition of your family instantaneously and it will propose the right ticket automatically.
  • A broader range of products: from the classic season ticket to different kinds of other available MOBIB tickets. As from now you can order a 10-journey ticket or a Discover Brussels card from home.
  • One single payment for all the orders you placed: your orders are gradually placed in a basket. You're finished? Now you can pay for everything at the same time.
  • Extra payment methods are available. Until now it was already possible to pay with Visa or Maestro. At present it is also possible to use Bancontact/Mister Cash.
  • Faster delivery: this service is now automated for orders that don't need the approval of our remote sales agents.