Tram 19, 51, 62, 93, bus 88 – interruption


until December 2022


Third phase of the works next to the Cemetery of Jette, from Saturday the 24th of June until Sunday the 28th of August:

  • Tram 19 is interrupted between Miroir / Spiegel and Cimetière de Jette / Kerkhof van Jette. A T-bus operates between Simonis and De Wand,
  • Tram 51 is interrupted at the stop Démineurs / Ontmijners
  • Tram 62 is interrupted at the stop Bienfaiteurs / Weldoeners
  • Tram 93 is interrupted next to stop Bockstael
  • Bus 88 is diverted between Guillaume De Greef and Crocq via Hôpital Brugmann-ziekenhuis.

Bus 14 is operated normally.

As of August 4th until End of August, T-bus 19 is diverted between Stuyvenbergh and Hôpital Brugmann / Brugmann-ziekenhuis via Guillaume De Greef due to works on the avenue Houba-de Strooperlaan. Stops Stade / Stadion, Stiénon and Polyclinique Brugmann / Polikliniek Brugmann are not served.