High-reliefs in Corten steel and wood (1986)

His high-reliefs in steel and wood were installed in Simonis station by Walter Leblanc in the year of his death.They belong to the “programmed series” on which Walter Leblanc concentrated intensely as of 1975. The artist’s research during the last decade of his life focused on the “Archetypes”. These are compositions based on geometrical basic shapes such as the triangle, square, circle and their derived forms: the rectangle and the ellipse. This work is made up of three parts, each of which in turn is made up of many different elements. Each part of this triptych generates a completely different process. On the right hand part, the white stone tiling beneath reinforces the monumental power of the rust brown relief elements. The wall on the other side has brown tiles, on which the nine panels of compressed wood painted in varnished white make a strong contrast. And finally the central panel, situated above the rails, has a link with the two other panels, even though it is in itself a very different construction and a constructive design.