Indian ink on paper, printed on wood and synthetic resin (1976)

This work is the result of a cooperation between two artists. In his workshop, Pierre Alechinsky painted seven panels, each divided into three squares of different sizes, two for the image (in which the artist developed a link between references to plants and animals) and a third intended to contain Christian Dotremont’s poetic contribution. Dotremont refers to “logogrammes”, which are letters and words transposed to free and adventurous graphics thanks to a spontaneous, agile hand. This calligraphy can no longer be read. It emanates a special power, like an elegant dance and a rhythmic movement through space. The chosen theme is that of the wheel and of protection. The rhythm of Dotremont’s writings gives this creation a harmonious unity. “With eyes closed, the little bird woman goes round and round, straightens herself up, lets out a shriek, flies away and does so seven times, like a one-week serial.”