Oil painting on mounted canvas (2002)

The work consists of a series of 100 letters, arranged in five columns of twenty elements which each form a text. This text refers to the Place Louise, to the metro station and to the Palais de Justice and its architect, Joseph Poelaert (1866-1883). The artist also appeals to passers-by who make the effort to concentrate on the piece, by offering them a bilingual text. But it’s not just about letters. In the predominantly blue and white letter structures and the backgrounds surrounded with red and yellow, on to which the former were placed, the beautifully refined pictoriality draws the attention, as do the diagonal brush work, the apparition of delicately superimposed layers, the subtle tones, the slightly raised aspect and the soft brushstrokes. Only an observant viewer will perceive “Droom van Poelaert” as an experience of pure expression.