Solidarity Free Travel Card



STIB-MIVB, SNCB-NMBS, De Lijn and TEC will be making available special transport tickets for the municipalities that were most hit by the devastating weather and for the flood victims of July 14-15-16, 2021, allowing those persons to travel free of charge through the whole of Belgium till 31 of October 2021.

These “Solidarity Free travel Cards” will only be issued by the communes and are exclusively reserved for those persons whose situation meets following criteria (cumulative):

  • Every natural person having his/her domicile (and his/her family members living under the same roof) in one of the communes hit by the floods of 14-15-16 July, irrespective of his/her age, and
  • Whose own home has become uninhabitable and/or whose personal transportation means has become unavailable as a result of the floods of 14-15-16 July 2021.

The Solidarity Free Travel Card is valid on the whole transport network of SNCB-NMBS, TEC, De Lijn and STIB-MIVB until 31 October 2021.

The Solidarity Free Travel Cards will be available to the persons concerned as of Wednesday 25 August, but only if they can be handed over to those eligible.

The Solidarity Free Travel Cards will not be distributed by the transport companies. Only the communes can hand them over in person to those affected by the floods.

Persons whose MOBIB card has been destroyed or lost in the floods on 14, 15 or 16 July will receive, free of charge, a new card with the subscription or the tickets that were charged on the lost or destroyed MOBIB card. This free replacement card can be obtained at the transport company that has issued the lost or destroyed MOBIB card.