Energy efficiency improvements in station offices in Rotterdam (RET)

RET carried out a pilot project in the Stadhuis metro service area, a room where metro staff can work, organise meetings or simply rest and have lunch. The project consisted of an integrated approach aimed at reducing the energy consumption of the room.

The original lighting was replaced by LEDs because they are more energy efficient, generate fewer disposals and require less maintenance. The room is also equipped with occupancy sensors that switch off the lights when no one is inside and simultaneously reduces the heating.

This project delivered exceptional results, as the new installation saves about 76% of the energy use compared to the old installations. The maintenance costs are also expected to be much lower because the lighting has a much longer lifespan than the old TL8 light sources and the HVAC system only operates at full power when needed.
Technical data

Investment costs (€)


Energy savings (%)


Annual energy savings (kWh)

3,300 kWh (lighting)

26,000 kWh (HVAC)

Annual CO2 savings (TCO2)

0,44 TCO2

Annual cost savings (€)


Payback time (years)

5 years

Investment sheet: RET ecodesign offices in station