Fuel cell feasibility study in Manchester (TfGM)

Together with the Manchester Metropolitan University, TfGM carried out a feasibility study for the use of fuel cells in the public transport field. It concluded that for TfGM fuel cell CHP applications would be the best choice.

The scale and profile of energy demands of the Piccadilly office headquarters could provide an opportunity for a small-scale fuel cell CHP system. The system could operate at high utilisation without any requirement for export of electricity or heat rejection.

A potentially attractive use for the thermal output would be as a pre-heat for the hot-water supply, which is currently provided by an immersion heater. A range of other sites within the TfGM estate has also been assessed. The Shudehill interchange has ample baseload demand for a small-scale system to operate at full utilisation. However, the financial gains are expected to be less attractive than at the Piccadilly headquarters. The main conclusion is that both sites could provide an initial opportunity for TfGM to trial fuel cell technology.