Optimising heating installations in depots in Rotterdam (RET)

The heating installations in the RET depots and workshops were operated with no clear strategy for energy efficiency. A plan was developed to reduce the consumption by limiting the use of the gas heaters to normal working hours on days with temperatures below 15°C. Information campaigns have been organised for the 600 members of staff, to make them understand why and how the company wanted to achieve this goal. This action allowed the company to achieve a 25% saving in gas consumption (4.6 GWh), which resulted in a cost reduction of €200,000 per year.
Technical data

Investment costs (€)


Staff resources

None (done during maintenance services)

Energy savings (%)


Annual energy savings (kWh)

4,665,000 kWh (for seven depots/workshops)

Annual CO2 savings (TCO2)

19 TCO2

Annual cost savings (€)


Payback time (years)

Less than one year