Uncoupling metro cars during weekends in Rotterdam (RET)

RET investigated the passenger load to assess whether the metro length could be reduced at certain times of the week. This led to the conclusion that it was impossible to uncouple metro vehicles during the week, since a single set would result in capacity shortage.

At weekends, the occupancy of the metro lines is much lower and the use of a single set seemed acceptable for most lines. The project then considered how the changes would impact on existing timetables and shunting activities.

ince there is no option to disconnect the vehicles during the day, shorter metros need to be available from the start of operation on Saturday morning. This resulted in extra shunting activity on Friday evening and Sunday evening. The reduction in terms of kWh was estimated to be 5,600,000 kWh with financial savings around €650,000. Additional staff was needed for disconnecting, connecting, swapping back and riding metros to different locations (at least three FTE).