1.1. Capacity building

The setting up of a carbon strategy requires staff availability and capacity to further develop, implement and monitor energy efficiency and carbon reduction actions. Public transport companies must always have access to staff with the right skills, available to work on these issues when required and able to keep up to date with methodological and technical changes. It also takes time and knowledge to identify the right opportunities, technologies, procurement criteria and funding opportunities. The same goes for convincing the organisation and its partners to invest in energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

Staff availability and capacity issues are often linked to the size of the organisation. Smaller organisations find it harder to dedicate staff resources exclusively to energy and carbon issues. These areas are fast moving and can be very technical. Moreover, there are areas where experts still often disagree on the most promising technologies and the best investments. Some online resources allow practitioners to keep abreast of the latest expert opinion and technology development. Participation in professional organisations such as UITP can also enable staff to exchange information on best practice and funding sources with other professionals.