Overview 2014

The number of journeys has continuously risen for the last 10 years. The division of journeys in 2014 was as follows:

  • 133,4 million metro journeys
  • 131,3 million tram journeys
  • 99,9 million bus journeys

A company working to serve its clients

Public transport passenger numbers have risen continuously in Brussels over the last 15 years and this trend continued in 2014. This is due in part to increased mobility requirements in the Brussels-Capital Region, but is also the result of the work carried out by STIB to provide a higher level of passenger satisfaction every day.

The public transport company is constantly adapting its offer. In 2014, the delivery of new, more spacious buses and trams resulted in increased capacity, frequency and passenger comfort on many lines.

STIB has placed great emphasis on real-time information, particularly through the use of new information panels at station entrances and above-ground stops and through a more active presence on social networks. Its MyBOOTIK platform has given clients a new, user-friendly way of buying tickets and subscriptions online.

STIB has devoted additional resources to cleanliness, increasing the number of cleaning operations in the most frequently used stations. It has redeployed its employees on the ground in order to increase passengers' sense of safety.

The aim of all these initiatives is to provide passengers with an enjoyable transport experience. And the client is always right. In 2014, the barometer that measures the satisfaction levels of STIB users reached its highest ever level. However, STIB will not relax its efforts. It is continuing to work on major projects, such as the extension of the metro towards the north of the city and the new master plan for the bus network. These projects will enable it to manage expected growth levels.

And the public transport company intends to meet this challenge, in collaboration with the Brussels-Capital Region and thanks to the commitment of its 7,625 employees. These proud and motivated employees place customer satisfaction at the heart of all their actions in their desire to make STIB the preferred urban mobility solution in Brussels.

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