Both more passengers and more satisfied passengers in 2015

A new record was achieved in 2015 for the Brussels public transport company with over 370 million completed journeys and almost 45 million kilometres travelled on buses, trams and metros. It was an outstanding year in which passengers awarded the STIB a distinction in the satisfaction survey, which is the highest score ever achieved. New waiting time indicators, new vehicles, countless measures to improve the service... there was certainly no lack of projects in 2015 and 2016, and the coming years will be no different.

Overview 2015

Altogether the STIB's metros, buses and trams travelled a total of 44.7 million kilometres and took care of 370.2 million journeys, an increase of 5.6 million compared to the previous year. A figure that has already been increasing a number of consecutive years and was reached despite the lock-down in the month of November. Every day around one million passengers make use of the STIB network.

Increased capacity and comfort

The metro remains the most popular method of transport with virtually 135 million journeys in 2015 (+1.2%). However, the increase is most visible on the buses, with 102.5 million journeys in 2015 compared to 99.9 million in 2014 (+2.7%). An increase that was possible thanks to the deployment of 172 new buses that were delivered at the end of 2014.

In addition to new buses, the last T3000 and T4000 trams were also delivered, boosting the capacity (+5.6% capacity in trams and buses) and increasing passenger comfort.

A distinction for the STIB

New vehicles, new waiting time indicators, countless measures to improve the service,... These are all efforts from the Brussels public transport company that are clearly appreciated by travellers. They rewarded the STIB with a distinction in the latest satisfaction survey. This is the highest score ever achieved by the transport company. Passengers now enjoy a service that is 100% CEN certified, not only on the metro, tram and bus, but also in customer care, in the sales outlets and during ticket inspection.

Brussels' biggest employer

In recruiting 835 new members of staff last year the STIB passed the threshold of 8,000 employees and in doing so remains the largest employer in the Brussels region. Recruitment continues in 2016, with around 800 vacancies waiting to be filled.

An ambitious investment plan

Recruitment is crucial for the continued expansion of public transport in Brussels, at a time when the Brussels government has approved an ambitious investment programme of 5.2 billion euros by 2025: modernising and extending the metro to the north of the city, the acquisition of new vehicles, the building of depots,... Numerous projects to continue being able to provide public transport that keeps on improving in terms of performance and comfort and to keep Brussels moving..

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