Your concert begins with the Event Pass


Start your concert without having to worry about parking space. The STIB Event Pass allows you to travel on the STIB network on the day of a concert or show and is included in your concert ticket.

How to use this combi-ticket?

An Event Pass can be obtained at the GO-vending machines 3 days before an event. As soon as the Event Pass has been delivered, the code will be deactivated.

The Event Pass is compulsory. In case of a ticket inspection, you need to present your Event Pass together with your concert ticket.

  • Register at one of our GO automatic vending machines in all our underground stations and at the most important aboveground stops;
  • Select "EVENT PASS" on the screen;
  • Enter your 9 digit code (which you can find on your ticket voucher);
  • You will receive your "EVENT PASS"

Your concert begins with the Event Pass