STIB-MIVB for only €12 a year


Season ticket “STIB 18-24 Brussels”

Are you between 18 and 24? Are you a official resident in Brussels? Make unlimited use of our trams, buses and metros for only €12 a year. Even if you are no longer a student! A great excuse to explore Brussels in all its nooks and crannies.

Here is how to get your STIB 18-24 Brussels season ticket:

  • Do you have a personal MOBIB card and is your address up to date in your profile? You will have direct access to the season ticket, either via online purchase, at the GO vending machines or in a STIB-MIVB sales outlet.

  • You have a personal MOBIB card, but you can't find the specific fare? Then your address in Brussels has not been confirmed yet. In that case, log in to your account with an e-ID card reader or go to a BOOTIK to update your profile.

  • You don't have a personal MOBIB card yet? Create your account online with an e-ID card reader, order your card and load your new season ticket for €12 directly onto it. You don't have a card reader or e-ID card? Stop by a BOOTIK instead.

  • You already bought a full price year season ticket? You could get a pro rata refund by filling in our contact form.

And there’s more good news: if you have siblings with a season ticket for under 25-year-olds (school or STIB 18-24 Brussels season ticket), the third one will be free!