You wish to become a mobility partner?

Become our mobility partner

Do you position yourself as a ‘facilitator’ for the travellers during their journeys and do you wish to work with STIB-MIVB?

The world becomes increasingly specialised in terms of technology and, as a public transportation company, we cannot deny the importance of the new actors who wish to collaborate with STIB-MIVB in order to promote a wider range of mobility services.

You can send us your partnership request by filling in the fields via the following form.

The three criteria listed below are the minimum requirements for any candidate in order to conclude a standard agreement with STIB-MIVB and thus be able to connect to the STIB-MIVB API to sell STIB-MIVB transport tickets through their application:

  • The candidate must demonstrate sufficient solvency (this must be demonstrated by a minimum of 50 on Graydon's multiscoring or a guarantee from the head office or holding company).
  • The candidate must submit his financial plan (including a presentation of his business plan and business model).
  • If the candidate's app contains a route planner, it must include the STIB-MIVB network as an integrated mobility solution.

After receiving your complete partnership request we will get back to you.