Cambio Car Sharing


A car "à la carte"

You travel by public transportation but you need a car for some of your journeys? We have the solution for you: Cambio, the car sharing service in Brussels.


The principle is simple: get a car when you need one. You do not have to worry about maintenance or insurance and you do not bear all the costs.


Moreover, you get to choose the vehicle that fits your needs at that particular moment: an urban car or a functional estate car. One hour, one day, one week... you can choose the rental period that suits you best. Besides a monthly pass, you only pay the rental time and the kilometres travelled!


This way, you can access the cars 24/7 by simply registering by telephone or via their website up until 5 minutes before use.

Cambio Brussels Rue Thérésienne, 7 1000 Brussels 02 227 93 02