Visit Mobi²

STIB presents an overview of its assets, products, services and projects in an exhibition space known as MobiSquare. Located in STIB's head office, this interactive space devoted to mobility is open to the public and is also the starting point for organised school visits, which allow pupils to look behind the scenes of public transport in Brussels. The space includes a large multimedia section.

In addition to a wide range of information on STIB as a company, its trams, buses and metro trains, there is also an exploration of the future of public transport in Brussels, projects for young people, safety, personnel management, depots and even the importance of sustainable development for the public transport company.

MobiSquare has a large interactive area. With the help of a touch screen connected to a giant screen, visitors can discover STIB-MIVB in an entertaining way: intractive information, games, virtual visits, simulator