Lighting control in a Manchester interchange (TfGM)

TfGM improved the lighting controls of the Manchester Shudehill Interchange, which includes a tram stop, bus station and car park. It installed a new automated lighting control software system and a range of lighting controls including photocells, timeclocks and passive infra-red (PiR) controls. These were installed following site energy audits, which identified the most suitable types of controls and the corresponding energy savings. The project allowed some 10% reduction of the lighting energy over a year, with peaks above 20% on specific days.
Technical data

Investment costs (€)


Staff resources (days)

6 days

Energy savings (%)


Annual energy savings (kWh)

75,500 kWh (over 6 months)

Annual CO2 savings (TCO2)

41 TCO2

Annual cost savings (€)

€9,000 in energy use+ estimated

€3,600 in maintenance

Payback time (years)

2 years (1.4 years if maintenance cost

saving is taken into account)