Introducing the freshness of springtime into the metro station was Thierry Renard’s aim when creating “Millefeuille”. Colourful tulips are applied to the station walls using serigraphy in order to bring a
bit of “springtime freshness” into the everyday lives of passers-by. The flowers also reflect the diversity
of individuals: multicoloured or discrete, open or reserved, proud or lazy. The tulips on the platform
on the other side of the station attract the attention of passengers, but are also soothing, while the
closeness of the flowers on the wall behind us is a source of agitation.
The underground presence of flowers gives an upside-down perspective of the world: the idea of going underground to find nature that is present above ground.
With “Millefeuille”, it was also the artist’s intention to offer the spectator something linked to the dessert of the same name: a little something for a good day and for a grey day.

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