Taxi-depot service in Brussels (STIB)

Since 2005, all STIB depots and workshops have organised transport for staff through a taxi company. The goal of this ’taxi-depot’ service is to transport drivers (tram, metro and bus) and technical staff from their homes to the place where they start their duty during periods when public transport is not in operation.

When public transport is operating, staff is encouraged to use it. The taxi-depot service is limited to the STIB network in Brussels. Drivers are picked up at the closest bus/tram stop to their home. Transport by taxi can be booked till 19.00 every day, enabling the depot management team to group the different runs and reduce the number of taxi cabs and related costs. If possible, the driver is informed about other possibilities to get to work (walking, bike, public transport).

STIB has also implemented an internal bike-sharing scheme and staff can subscribe free of charge to the regional bike-sharing service Villo!