Metro eco-driving in Brussels (STIB)

The STIB eco-driving project inMETRO ECO-DRIVING IN BRUSSELS (STIB)volved limiting the maximum authorised speed of metro vehicles to 60 km/h instead of 72 km/h and 50 km/h instead of 60 km/h when the eco-driving signalling is on.

The reduced speed mode is disabled when delays are observed on the metro network, enabling drivers to make up for the delay by driving faster. STIB has observed an energy reduction of 12% of the traction energy required (11.5 GWh), with cost savings of around €1,000,000 per year. The project also improved metro punctuality and helped the drivers, who feel they are under less stress because they can make up any delay when the eco-driving mode is off.
Technical data

Investment costs (€)

€35,000 for the training

€30,000 for network measurements

Staff resources

50 working days + 1 hour training per driver

Energy savings (%)


Annual energy savings (kWh)

11,500,000 kWh

Annual CO2 savings (TCO2)

3,060 TCO2

Annual cost savings (€)


Payback time (years)

Less than one year