New as from 1 February


STIB-MIVB 75 journeys

Do you travel regularly with STIB-MIVB, but not enough to make a classic season ticket profitable? The 75 journeys is just what you need! For only € 105, you get a total of 75 journeys valid for 90 days from the date of first validation.

This new and more flexible ticket fits in the post COVID-19 context, allowing you to work at home several days a week. Working part time or wanting to combine working from home and commuting to work at a low cost? The 75 journeys allows you to meet your lifestyle choices.

This new ticket is a more flexible solution if you don’t use public transport that often.

How beneficial is it for you?
The 75 journeys costs €105, which comes to €1.40 per trip. In comparison, a trip with a Brupass 10 journeys costs €1.68. The difference is that the Brupass is an intermodal ticket, whereas the 75-journey ticket is only valid on the STIB-MIVB network.