Transport rules of the STIB



This document (including its Annexes) constitutes the Rules of Transport of the STIB-MIVB and its objective is to provide users with non-exhaustive information about the rules which they must comply with while using the urban public transport service in the Brussels-Capital Region.

By using the STIB-MIVB network, users acknowledge that they have read and agree to comply with these Rules of Transport unreservedly. STIB-MIVB may modify the Rules of Transport at any time for legitimate reasons, especially due to limitations related to its public service mission, compliance with decisions made by the public authorities or operational constraints related to the infrastructure, network or resources. Users shall be bound to comply with such modifications, without compensation.
Furthermore, both STIB-MIVB and its users are subject to the legal and regulatory provisions applicable to the urban public transport service and must comply with any change to these provisions with immediate effect.