Pol Bury - Moving Ceiling


Work of art

This work of art measures 200 m2 and is made up of 75 welded, elbow shaped cylinders made of stainless steel. Each of the cylinders is on average 80 cm high and 130 cm long. Mobile cylinders which are sensitive to the airflow are attached to the fixed pieces which protrude from the ceiling. Fans which blow in different directions can also increase the movement of the air, and consequently that of the cylinders. In order to limit the movements, the components are linked to the cylinders that are fixed to the ceiling with an invisible chain. The cylinders are matt on the outside but polished on the inside, in order to obtain shiny, concave mirrors. They reflect rays of light and deform reflections of objects into unrecognisable shapes. Pol Bury has integrated surprise and unpredictability into his impressive ceiling art.