Paul Delvaux - Nos vieux trams bruxellois


Work of art

In this work of art that is over thirteen metres wide, each element contributes to an atmosphere of memory and melancholy that is typical of Delvaux: the welcoming carriages, the open-air carriages, the figures in their old-fashioned clothing, the cold and frigid architecture, the naïve representation of the hilly landscape, the fading light of the peaceful and slowly waning summer day, and the soft, dreamy shades of blue, delicate nuances of green and refined blue-grey. In this piece he evokes the old Brussels tramways of his youth and his nostalgia for this era. “Nos vieux tramways bruxellois” resembles a large scale development of another of his pieces “Le tram de notre enfance” (The tram of our childhood), which he painted in oils on hardboard in 1955. This piece gave him the chance to express the melancholy linked to the loss of what was once great and which will never return.