Oil painting on mounted canvas (1976)

With dozens of curved strips arranged in concentric arches, in a spectrum of colours that follows the structure of a rainbow, the artist evokes an impressive sky full of the burning rays of the sun. A few elongated grey clouds pass over the arches of the circle. The city appears as a futuristic, magical vision, but also as a threat. From the green hills topped with orange, two little beings watch the amazing sight. The idea for “Magic City” was born whilst Jean-Michel Folon sat staring at the 150 m2 large grey concrete wall for which he had been asked to create a work of art. Suddenly, rays of sunlight shone through a hole in the roof into the station. He then realised that there is never any sunlight in the metro and that a picture of a radiant sun shining on a magical city would give a bit of colour to this underground world.