Why validate?


Plenty of good reasons to pay for your trip

It would never occur to you to go the cinema without paying your ticket, would it? So why avoid paying fares on public transport? Always pay your journey when travelling by metro, tram or bus. It is, after all, your means of transport to get to work or school, visit your relatives and friends or enjoy your time off.

Not only do you avoid a fine, but you also contribute to a better transport offer to get around Brussels more easily. And if you’ve forgotten your MOBIB card, you can always use your bank card to validate!

A matter of solidarity and efficiency

Just as your preferred cinema does, we need the income from ticket and season ticket sales to remain operational. Travelling without paying the correct fare causes financial loss and results in limited capacity and comfort of your means of transport. Which also impacts your neighbours, colleagues and many others.

Keeping Brussels moving involves all of us. There is no such thing as a free ride, which is why all travellers need to play their part by paying their fares. It will help us maintain and improve the quality of the transport services that you and your fellow travellers are using.

A public transport network answering your needs

Would your bus or tram line need vehicles of a higher capacity? Would your metro line need an extra train at the time you travel? By validating your (season) ticket you help us know how many passengers ride on every itinerary, and where and when additional transport capacity is required.

As a result, your means of transport will be adapted to suit real needs: new services, higher frequency, higher capacity buses, etc. By validating your (season) ticket you are doing your bit to further improve public transport services.

Avoid any additional cost

Travelling without a valid transport ticket can cost you a pretty sum:

  • €10 if you forget to take your season ticket or forget to validate it. Penalty fare to be paid within 10 working days. If paid after 10 working days: €107.

  • €107 the first time you have failed to validate your ticket or travel with a season ticket that is not valid.

  • €214 from the second time onwards.

  • €408 if you travel with a counterfeit ticket or season ticket or with a MOBIB card in someone else’s name.

Avoid a fine and unnecessary stress during ticket inspection: buy and validate your ticket or season ticket.

Find out what’s the best ticket for you, based on your specific needs and travel habits. Check on Find the best fare to be offered a tailored solution.

How and where to validate?

To validate, you need to hold your ticket or season ticket in front of the red validating machines. Validation of your transport ticket is mandatory. You forgot your MOBIB card or were unable to buy your ticket in advance? Use the grey validating machines to pay contactless with your bank card, smartphone or smartwatch.

Tap each time you board a bus or tram or enter a metro station. Also validate each time you change lines, vehicles or travel directions. Even if you travel with a 1-day ticket or with a season ticket.

Please note that our ticket inspectors can check your transport ticket up to the moment you leave the station or get off our vehicles. Make sure you’re always in possession of your transport ticket: travelling without a validated travel ticket is considered an infringement.