Painting on canvas, bronze sculpture, wooden chariot, linen, braid.,... (2004)

The fragments of memory are oval shapes, bound together and covered in writing, which each contain a secret object.They were found in the imaginary civilization called Arbonie. Arbonie came about after an unexpected encounter with the Forêt de Soignes. After Jephan de Villiers dreamt that the forest flew away during a stormy night, a character with outstretched wings was born. In the mezzanine, the figure has grown larger and protects 210 fragments of memory, which were found during excavation works and are now visible in a large pit that is closed with a glass slab.The walls are covered in writing. At the platform level, where the tracks cross, a large chariot of memory stands in a glass cage that is visible from the whole station. It appears to have been left there by a marching crowd. “When I first saw Albert station, I imagined an underground archaeological place where new remains of Arbonie had been discovered…on a human scale”, explains Jephan de Villiers about his work of art.