Wall composition in mirror glass (1984)

Thirty three vertical strips of different widths follow each other over a width of 5.80 metres and a height of 2.23 metres. They are made of narrow ribbons of slightly raised glass, which are arranged obliquely next to each other. Thanks to the light that is captured and reflected by the glass and the movement of the observer, everything around the work is exploded, fragmented and distorted, like a glittering, multifaceted diamond. Anyone taking staircase or the escalator down into the station will be fascinated to see how the whole environment and the observer him or herself is involved in an ever-changing and unfolding game as hundreds of moving, shining pieces and stripes are smashed, fragmented and reflected. Light, space and environment flow together to make up a substantial part of the relief. With his ingenuity, the artist succeeds in making simple mirror glass look as rich as the sparkle of a precious stone.