Railings and stained-glass windows (1993)

The pre-metro station is decorated with balustrades and stained glass windows from la Maison du Peuple and l’Hôtel Aubecq respectively, which were both designed by Horta. The curves that are so typical of Victor Horta’s work are very striking here. The Maison du Peuple bruxelloise (House of the Brussels People) was opened in April 1899 and was mainly decorated in cast iron. In 1965 the Maison du Peuple was demolished, despite a general outcry. Unfortunately most of the dismantled building was lost. The Aubecq house along-side Avenue Louise experienced the same fate in 1950. Luckily much of Victor Horta’s architecture was preserved in the city. In Horta pre-metro station it lives on thanks to the integration of his Art Nouveau-style into the architecture of the station.