Acrylic paint on panels

The work is made up of two low-reliefs, each 135 metres long, fixed on the two walls alongside the central platform. The low-reliefs feature over 140 characters taken from 22 Tintin albums. They are scenes executed in life size format and juxtaposed in order to create all sorts of amusing effects and unexpected situations. The whole scene plunges the passenger into a fantastic and fascinating environment. A playful atmosphere whose elements refer to a world which has appealed to the spirits, souls and imaginations of tens of millions of people over the past few decades. The sketches for the mural were drawn by Hergé himself just before his death. The characters were painted by Studio Hergé and were fixed to the walls at the end of the final works to complete the station. The mural contributes to conveying the image of Brussels as the “capital of comic strips”.