Theatre décor in various materials (1992)

Bizet station lends itself perfectly to a theatrical design, since the “bridge” that stretches across the tracks and side walls already recalls the shape of a curtain. The three metre high horizontal construction made up of tubes painted in blue represents the theatre floor. In the middle of this floor there is a second, smaller theatre that is lit up and made of coloured Perspex. Through the use of a false perspective in the metal construction and through different arrangements of depth, as well as an ingenious suggestion of fleeing lines in the small Perspex construction, the ensemble of the force lines lead to a single, unique point that is situated precisely in the middle. Two totemic figures stand against the side walls. One represents a rounded black woman, the other represents a white man stylised by straight, geometrical motifs. They both hold a black child, the symbol of love which does not discriminate between races. This piece is dedicated to the street children of Latin- America.