Social media


Find STIB-MIVB on various social networks

By using different channels, our aim is to inform you about the situation on our network, for instance when an unpredictable incident occurs. Moreover, through our social networks, we answer also your questions and complaints. All in all, we want to open a dialogue with you and keep you in the loop. This way, we offer concrete solutions through our replies, but also more information about our network in general.

Besides our colleagues, our fans and followers are our best sources of information when travelling on the network. Did you notice a defective GO vending machine? Did you find waste in a station? Do you wish to share a suggestion with us? Please let us know! We guarantee a systematic follow-up of every message addressed to our company.

We try to find a solution to each problem and to keep you informed afterwards.

What’s more, by browsing through our social media, you can also get to know STIB-MIVB on a more personal level: meet our colleagues, discover how the magic happens backstage, dive into our history, get a better understanding of the context in which we work, etc.

On this page, you will find an overview of the different sites we use to communicate with you. It should be noted however that some of our channels do not exist in English.