Oil paints on panels (1988)

The work of art is made up of twelve vertical panels that form a combination of colour fields and horizontal lines over the whole width of the tympanum above the platforms. The first part is on a white tiled wall, on the front wall of the entrance staircase and is made up of three vertical strips of the same width in variations of blue, crossed by two horizontal strips of white. On the tympanum above the platforms there are combinations of colour fields and horizontal stripes which stretch over the full width: three yellow on blue, three yellow on green, one green on green, one white on yellow and three white on red. The lighter, horizontal strips serve as lines of force that link the different parts. Raoul De Keyser works in meticulous detail. Given the distance between the work - which is high up - and the observer on the ground, the artist slightly adjusted his working methods, which proves his integrity as an artistic personality.