Oil-based painting on architectural elements in the station (1988)

This work of art is a technical masterpiece of conception and construction. It consists of a ceiling painting for the whole of the ticket office area as well as part of the platforms, in a particularly large metro station in an important location. So that passengers can find their bearings, he painted the ceilings yellow, red or orange according to the level. The colours accentuate the ceiling structure. The differences in level, profiles, displacements and their vertical, horizontal or oblique movements are underlined by large strips of yellow paint. This variation is counterbalanced in the long row of columns that stand next to each other, also in yellow, which separate the hall into two parts over its whole length. The artist created this work in order to highlight the raw construction, by allowing the impressive elements of the building’s shell to remain visible. Thanks to the integration of his art in architecture, Moeschal’s work gives a dynamic and lively character to the three-dimensional aspect.