Sculptures in Corten steel and oxidised bronze (1976)

Felix Roulin’s work of art in Thieffry station is representative of his work in the 1970s: the pillars, which look like they are growing out of the ground, break open the floor. The pillars themselves then crack open and tear and in the surfaces and spaces where they break through between the dark, rough, transformed material, extremely realistic-looking body parts appear: backs, thighs, feet... The Corten steel and the oxidised bronze in which this work was carried out are not, however, the materials which Roulin uses most frequently. Above all the artist wanted to construct a work of art that can be touched, which the passengers can move around, or, if need be, sit on. The pipes which stick out of the ground refer to the industrialised world and give the impression that they extend infinitely under the ground.