Panoramic images on screens, placed in light boxes (2003)

Marin Kasimir uses the “panorama” technique to integrate the passenger into this representation of reality, with the help of two images one in front of the other. As soon as the camera is focused on a point, the space which surrounds it becomes an open scene which people can enter and exit, in which they can participate and play a role. The two images which the artist chose for his panorama (CERIA in Anderlecht and Place de la Monnaie in the heart of Brussels) are clearly contrasted, both with regard to the mise-en-scène and to the staged time. The CERIA panorama refers to the four seasons and to art history. Whereas at the Place de la Monnaie, the rhythm of a day already generates enough variety: shops, faris, opera interval… Here the space itself forms a real stage.