Photographic composition on glazed enamelled steel plating (2012)

“People in Motion” is a photographic fresco of dynamic images. The process used for these dynamic images is derived from the technique used for capturing photofinishes, adapted by the photographer. The technique of panoptic photography on silver nitrate film, involving no digital manipulation or retouching, exposes over time whatever passes through the camera’s line of vision, making it possible to capture what the eye does not perceive. The views are stripped of all references that could limit their interpretation. The innovative and aesthetic graphic style created a sense of timelessness. The photographic work of this artist is characterised, in the first place, by the original technique: photography ranging over 360° with a hidden camera. It is a technique that he has chiefly developed and applied in an urban environment. He quickly presented an initial series of proofs inspired by dance. Carrying on the work of his celebrated predecessors who were able to analyse movements in pictures, the photographs of Michel Dusariez not only present a breakdown of movement, but are also an expression of the dynamic energy of the body, whose contours are blurred in order to subtly express and accent this force. By inviting us to look at things differently, Michel Dusariez brings a new dimension to the art of photography.