The artist highlights Brussels fashion at the Gare de l’Ouest. His models are not professional fashion
models, but ordinary people living and working in Brussels, who one might easily meet every day in
the metro. They were selected for their charisma, their beauty or their individual character. Men and
women, young and old, black and white, rich and poor, “Bruxellois” by birth or by adoption… in their
diversity, they illustrate the cosmopolitism that makes Brussels both unique and exceptional as
a city.
These models-for-a-day wear the creations of Belgium’s leading couturiers such as Olivier
Strelli, Christophe Coppens, Marina Yee, Annemie Verbeke, Jean-Paul Knott, Sofie d’Hoore, Sandrina
Fasoli, Cathy Pill, Erik Verdonck and Delvaux. The photo shoots resulted in a varied collection of 13
photographs in black-and-white measuring 3 by 2.5 meters. These photographs are mounted along
the entire length of the platform in the direction Beekkant.

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