Wall composition, acrylic paint (1976)

This piece is a transposition of the contradictions of “Our Time” (the overall theme of the composition), from the struggles of the working population and men and women in general for a society with economic and social justice. We can see the crowds, the bikers who reject the everyday struggle, a newspaper reader, a demonstration,… The shapes and intense colours in shades of red and orange give the mural a challenging, even intrusive feel. Somville remarked: “I prefer to annoy than to please...” The gigantic 600 m2 mural in Hankar station was created with the help of six assistants. It is a typical expression of his vision and style, which does not shy from movement and excess, through the use of lines of force and intense colours and a violent energy. Roger Somville also places numerous scenes one next to the other in order to give a summary of his time.