Wall paintings in acrylic paint on a coat of plaster (1982)

On one of the platform walls he has painted a lyrical festival of pure colours over a length of 120 metres and on a surface of 500 m2. The work of art represents nature and greenery, colours of a summer landscape, the sea, the movement of the waves, the blue sky and the rustling grass and the swaying, undulating fields of colours. White, yellow, green, blue and red set the tone of the piece. Curling, undulating, frothing, turning, swirling movements make the overall impression very dynamic. The shapes which are suspended over the wall unfurl without any mutual link to the composition. “The element of play is very important for me. Art is having fun in an interesting way.” This is definitely an understatement for the artist, because Maurice Wyckaert plays this game thoughtfully, enthusiastically and with such depth that he unveils the elementary laws of life before the observer’s eyes, and goes straight to the heart.