Oil painting on mounted canvas (1976)

This painting of 14 metres has been placed on one of the station’s tympanums and depicts three purely imaginary vehicles, which are freely composed according to the artist’s imagination. The work of art contains references to 18th and 19th century technology, as well as to modern day technology. But it is about completely fantastical, freely assembled loco machines, depicted in empty voids. Nellens made the following whirlwind of comments about “Le Tropolitain”: “The metro – a station – I love stations. The metro – a canvas of 14 metres. You can dream about it, you can do it. The metro – a canvas that will be seen by thousands of passing trains – what excitement! The metro – my carriage between the carriages. The metro – off the beaten track on the tracks. The metro – adventure – creativity. The metro – Le Tropolitain.”