Tinted mirrors (1976)

The artist wanted to show us something that has never been seen before, namely the concrete representation of a spatial optical movement. For this he uses mirrors tinted in different shades which he places in such a way that the work moves when you walk past it.“AEQUUS NOX” is the explosion of daylight, of the sun, a source of life, which the characters in the foreground, symbolising the races of all continents, contemplate with admiration. In order to render the reflection originating from the interaction between the light and this particular work of art, Vic Gentils has inserted, in the middle of the work, tiny pieces of glass from which he worked by cutting and sticking shards following a slight angle. To the left and right of this centre of light we can see silver, gold, brown and black figures which are sitting or standing. The whole scene evokes Indonesian shadow theatre. The figures share their adoration of the sun.