Acrylic paint on canvas, mounted on wood panels

In a place between the workshop and the theatre, an interaction between people, animals, plants and mountains takes place.The relation between these different elements is regulated by a very strict, but not pre-defined structure. This is the result of events that are purely pictorial and dream-like. Camille De Taeye based this work on existing sketches but he also made changes to them in order to form a compact, balanced whole. The work of art is surrounded by surfaces covered with webs of stainless steel wire. The work took a year to complete. To coincide with the unveiling of the work of art in Eddy Merckx station, a book was published with the title “Le Cheval d’Octobre – Het Paard van Oktober”. It is the diary of a mural, written by Anne-Marie La Fère (publisher: Le Dailly-Bul).

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